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How to download Canon printer driver setup in your system?


Follow the below steps to download the Canon driver setup file in your system.

Canon is a provider of top-notch imaging, optical and industrial products comprising lenses, cameras, printers, scanners, and semiconductors manufacturing equipment. Canon ranks second among the top 4 regarding the quality and functionality of printers. Canon PIXMA 7020 is the best-selling model in Canon's arsenal. Explore the latest range of high-performance printers via ij.start.canon.

This article will guide you through the downloading and installation of the driver setup file. Visit ij.start.canon to explore more about canon printers and other splendid gadgets.


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How to Install the Canon printer driver in your system?


Follow the down-listed steps to install the Canon printer driver in the computer system.


  1. Ensure the Canon driver setup file is downloaded by searching it in the "downloads" folder under "My computer."
  2. Locate the driver file and run it by double-clicking the cursor on the file.
  3. A prompt will appear with two options, "Run" and "Cancel." Press "Run" to proceed towards the installation process. If you are operating on Windows 10, you will get a prompt asking you to grant permission so that the driver setup can make changes in your system. Grant the permission by pressing "OK."
  4. The decompression process will initiate the moment you select to run.
  5. After the file decompresses, the setup wizard will open automatically before you.
  6. The canon driver setup wizard will show you three options, namely, "Language," "Exit," and "Next." Click on "Next" to move forward.
  7. In the next step, the wizard will; show you the list of software it will install into your system. You can make choices by removing or adding the software you need by marking/unmarking the checkboxes in the software list. Press "Next" to continue.
  8. In this step, you will come across a License agreement, read it carefully, and click on "Next" if you agree to the agreement.
  9. The wizard in the next step educates you about the happening that may take place during the installation process of canon driver setup. Press "Next" to continue to begin with the installation process.
  10. Ensure that the Canon printer is connected to the computer during the installation process, or else the installation of the Canon printer driver will fail, and you have to start over again.


How to Setup a Canon Printer?


This article is useful if you have purchased a new canon printer and want to set it up. Remember, the canon.com/ijsetup printer has to be connected to the system prior to starting the installation process of the Canon printer driver setup file.


  • Firstly, remove the canon.com/ijsetup printer from its packing box very carefully as the Printer is fragile and contains delicate, spare parts inside it.
  • You will observe the numerous orange tapes on the canon printer (these tapes are there to secure the extendable appendages of the Printer), remove the tapes.
  • Open the front cover of the canon printer by slightly pushing it diagonally downwards (sloping down movement of the hand).
  • Remove the orange tape inside the Printer with the orange-colored protective material so that the Printer can work properly.
  • Turn the Printer to see the backside and remove the similar orange-colored protective material from the rear end by simply pulling it outwards.
  • Connect the main power cord to the Printer. You will find the power cord socket on the rear end of the canon.com/ijsetup printer. Also, connect the additional USB cable to the computer system and the other end to the Printer to connect the Printer to the system (if your Printer is not wireless).
  • Close the front cover of the Printer and Press the on button on the top of the Printer.
  • Fill in the cartridges with ink, and the Printer is ready to work.
  1. Access the official website of Canon by typing canon.com/ijsetup in the search tab of the web browser.
  2. Once you enter the website, locate "Drivers and Downloads" on the top right-hand side of the webpage and left-click on it to open the page.
  3. Scroll down, and you will come across all the Canon products, choose "Printers" by taping the cursor on it.
  4. In the next step, you need to select the specific device to download the driver setup file—Left-click on the desired series of Printer.
  5. The next web page will show you all the available series under the selected device. Locate and choose the Canon Printer series you are using right now.
  6. After that, you have to select the specific Canon printer Model for which you want to download the driver.
  7. A web page will appear with complete specific and technical details regarding the Printer you selected. Navigate the "Drivers and Downloads" tab, which will be present under the Printer Model number in the middle of the webpage.
  8. Left-click the cursor on the "Drivers and Downloads" option to unveil further options.You will find two significant options, namely "Recommended driver(s)" and "Optional driver(S)."
  9. The recommended Canon driver is mandatory to be downloaded to use the canon printer in association with your system. The user can download the optional Canon drivers according to their operating system compatibility.
  10. You will see a "Select" option (in red text color) in front of each Canon driver option; press "select" on the driver you wish to download in your system.
  11. The canon.com/ijsetup printer driver setup file will get downloaded in a matter of seconds. This marks the end of the downloading process of Canon printer drivers.